GIV Winter Weekends

February 10, 2017 – February 12, 2017

February 24, 2017 – February 26, 2017

Goddard College

Plainfield, Vermont106_0887


Winter Weekends are two-day intensive learning experiences for Vermont 9th-12th graders. You’ll live on a college campus all weekend and explore a topic you’re interested in in-depth with professional mentors and new friends who love the same things you do. Winter Weekends are jam-packed with fun, learning, and community-building, and are a great way to get a taste of GIV.
Applications for Winter Weekend are now closed!

Decision letters will be mailed by January 26th. If any spots open up in the coming weeks, we will announce this on our website. See you in Feburary!



GIA faculty superstars Isaac Eddy (a former member of the Blue Man Group!) and Ian Young are teaming up to teach Performing and Writing Comedy, a fun and immersive weekend-long workshop that will integrate slapstick, farce, physical comedy and more. Whether you’re an actor, writer or both this weekend class will be a special opportunity to broaden your range and add a well-developed knack for comedy to your repertoire.


Ever wonder what makes some solo singer9209821057_d049d9d4e9s good and some great?  This class with one of GIA’s most popular faculty members, Troy Burton, is going to help you develop your own originality and performance ability so that your unique style shines through. We’ll use the powerful tradition of gospel music to explore how music, words and delivery can combine to convey a powerful message. No matter what your preferred musical genre is, you’ll learn ways to meld your voice and your imagination into an inspiring force you can share with the world.




ThinDSC00066king about a career in the law or public service – or an animal-related field? This seminar is going to look in-depth at the US legal system through the prism of laws affecting animals. We’ll examine the ethical underpinnings and the practical mechanisms of law, and delve into how public process and politics impact policy. You’ll get a sense of what you’d study in law school and an in-depth look at society’s complex relationship with animals.





Calling Vermont’s young visual artists!  This is your big chance to study advanced watercolor technique with celebrated painter Annika Connor. Bring your painting experience and learn techniques like layering, outlining, undershadowing, and more from a professional master.  Prerequisite: painting experience.


The election year has surfaced many important issues and differences of opinion and views from people around the country. What leadership skills will you need to promote the thi
ngs you care about now and in the future? With other young leaders from throughout Vermont, we’ll discuss what leadership means today, examine leadership case studies, videos and speeches, and learn what an effective leadership framework entails. You’ll gain vital skills in teamwork, listening, networking, debate, dialogue, cross-cultural communication, problem solving, resolving conflicts and more.


Does your imagination show you fantastic structures or stately edifices? Ever doodle buildings or dream of designing your own home, school, bridges or community?  This strand taught by Aron Temkin of Norwich University will teach you the fundamentals of architecture as a way to turn fantasy into reality! Prerequisite: willingness to draw.



Want to change the world? One of tDSC01570he most powerful ways you can is through a socially responsible business or social enterprise! Discover what it takes to turn your ideas, inventions, and solutions into reality and be a successful social entrepreneur at this Winter Weekend strand! You’ll examine business ideas for their profitability, sustainability and social responsibility, judge their potential for success, and gain skills that every business owner needs alongside budding entrepreneurs (and new friends!) from all over the state.


In 2016, a surgical robot cured a teenager of epilepsy and a deep sea diving robot discovered never-before-seen marine life. What will your next invention do? Come study robotics in depth with a small group of like-minded Vermont high-schoolers and help build a future we can only begin to imagine. Prior robotics experience is welcome but not required.

BIOINFORMATICSIMG_2082 (Health Data Science)

Interested in biology, health, medicine, or genomics? Join us to research and analyze different types of genetic data linked with human health and disease using
computerized bioinformatics tools. You will conduct your own investigation of a particular genetic disease using DNA, protein, and functional data you will mine from public databases, then analyze with freely available bioinformatics tools widely used by biomedical researchers today. Prerequisite: must have completed high school biology.


We’re partnering with the Northern Skies Observatory to bring you the Governor’s Institute on AstroPhotography!  AstroPhotography, the capture and manipulation of cosmic images for use in science and art, is a unique blend of graphic design, math, science, information technology and art.  We’ll use professional-grade equipment to scan and help solve some of the sky’s greatest mysteries. Past AstroPhotography students had their work featured in National Geographic!