“I learned how to speak Chinese, ate amazing Asian food, learned Tai Chi, and much more. I was opened up to a whole different culture I was not fully aware of. I became more open to the world and more educated [about] the environmental issues of Asia… and how other cultures develop.”

                                         – Asian Cultures graduate


GIV Institute – June 25 – June 28, 2017

UVM Trip for GIV Cohort to China – June 28 – July 7, 2017

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont


East meets west in this immersion experience featuring all things Asian. You’ll experience Asian history, arts, food, social customs, languages, and cultures in an intensive academic program in residence in the UVM campus, then travel to China through our UVM partner program to experience and learn about Asian culture first-hand. Focused primarily on Chinese and Japanese cultures, this unique study opportunity celebrates cultures across Asia.

At the Governor’s Institute, you will:

  • Learn about Asian languages, customs and socio-political issues
  • Enjoy hands-on and academic activities with Asian experts
  • Celebrate Asian cultures through arts, dance and music
  • Connect with other Vermont high school students interested in world cultures

Right after the Institute, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to China for ten days alongside your GIV faculty and friends via UVM’s College of Education and Social Services. Trip highlights will include:

  • Interactive lectures and activities on Chinese cultures.
  • Interaction with Chinese students and host families.
  • Visits to historic sites such as the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, and the birthplace of Confucius.

We’ve changed things up this year so that the China trip follows immediately after the Institute, which means that freshmen, sophomores and juniors are all eligible to apply!

IMPORTANT:  Schools nominated students for the 2017 summer Asian Cultures Institute by January 16, 2017. Bookmark this page to watch for next year’s deadlines.

Click here for more details on the program timeline, tuition and travel costs.

Questions about the Institute, eligibility, sliding scale tuition, or how to apply?

  • Contact Kelsi Powers at GIV – 802-865-4448 or

Questions about the China trip?

  • Kelly Circe, 802-656-1277 / – itinerary, what to bring, etc.
  • Kunie Renaud, 802-656-8576 / – trip financial and scholarship questions