GIV is ‘Radically Allophiliac!’

(What is Allophilia?)

What this means at GIV is…

GIV strives to be a place where every student knows they are welcome, feels excited to attend, and is wholly supported to engage and expand their horizons. Every gender, sex, race, color, national origin, physical ability, religion, hometown, personality type, body type, socioeconomic background, political belief, cat lover, dog lover, and zombie lover belongs here at GIV united by a passion to learn and grow.

Here at GIV we are working to create a culture of learning that promotes inclusivity among our students and staff in the following areas:



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Geographic Inclusivity:

Here at GIV it is important to us that we are reaching all of the students in Vermont who seek an experience like GIV – no matter what part of the state they come from.  In 2016, GIV welcomed student representatives from 76 schools spanning every county; only about 7 eligible high schools did not send students. However, Vermont’s most rural counties remain under-served in numbers, and you can help us get the message out! See the graph below for the Vermont counties in red where we especially need your help reaching students.


Economic Inclusivity:

We believe that the GIV experience can be affordable and accessible to all Vermont families. Our sliding scale tuition model allows each student and their family to pay an affordable tuition amount based upon their income and special circumstances. We also offer payment plans and scholarships to ensure that any student who wishes to attend is able to.

Gender Inclusivity:

The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont has made gender diversity at our Institutes one of our top outreach and recruitment priorities.

We are making a significant effort to reach out to more young women interested in the sciences, engineering math and technology. As of right now, young Vermont women are underrepresented in these fields and we want to see them get the same benefit that their male peers do from pathways into rewarding and high-paying careers. One way that we do this is by offering reduced tuition to all girls in our STEM Institutes.

GIV has also taken a leadership role in driving statewide conversation on reversing the declining academic achievement of boys by informing and convening educators, policymakers and media about this important new trend. Click here to learn more about our recent conference on Gender Equity in Education.

Ethnic and Racial Inclusivity:

GIV also prioritizes both reaching out to racial and ethnic minorities in Vermont during our recruitment season and ensuring that we are providing a welcoming environment for students from all cultures.  With the generous help of the Americorps*VISTA and CEDO We All Belong programs, we have built active referral partnerships with refugee communities and school diversity coordinators, and prioritized cultural competency training throughout all of our Institutes.

Physical Accessibility:

We want to make our Institutes more accessible to all Vermont students. One way we are working to achieve this goal is by partnering with local college and universities that host our nine summer Institutes to ensure that our educational and recreational spaces are accessible to students with disabilities.