You’ve Never Had This Much Fun Learning!

Every Governor’s Institute is as unique and special as the students who attend. But they all share some common attributes. They all focus on YOU, the student, and the topics you love. They’re all very concentrated, intense blasts of learning, discovery and thought, all rolled up into more fun than you think could even be possible. All will introduce you to inspiring mentors and Vermonters your age who you’ll probably stay in touch with for years to come. Every Institute is held on a college campus in Vermont and gives you the chance to try out living in a college setting and try on potential careers and futures in the areas that interest you.


Here’s what recent students have to say about GIV:


“GIV was the best educational experience I’ve ever had.”

“This was one of the best things I have ever done with my summer.”

“There are few experiences in life that change a person… GIV happens to be one of those experiences.”

“It was amazing how many brilliant like-minded people 2010-01-01 00.00.00-201surrounded me. There was never a dull moment and I was never in a room that didn’t contain at least a half a dozen friends.”

“My attendance resulted in the most enjoyable, informative, and enlightening two weeks of my life.

“I attend a very small school, so I was excited to see the broad variety of kids at GIV. Being with a large group of similar minded people made me realize that there are a lot of other bright students in the state and that even though IMG_2127sometimes in such a rural setting it seems like you are the only one interested in something, there are more people out there with similar interests.”

 “GIV definitely opens up your eyes and changes your perspective on things. It gives you a range from 20-100+ new people to meet and talk to. It gives you a chance to express yourself, and find yourself if you are lost. GIV is definitely an experience I will never forget. I never expected to have so much fun, yet learn so much in just 6 short days . GIV teaches you to reach out to other people, and to explore something you truly love. Friends are just another benefit. Every single person entering junior year and below… NEEDS to apply to at least one institute before they can’t. Not a suggestion, but a demand. It changes your life for better.”


Every GIV experience is different. What will your GIV experience be like? Apply today and find out!