The Governor’s Institutes is the flagship residential enrichment program for high school students in Vermont. Created in the Governor’s School model, GIV empowers young people with intensive, hands-on learning experiences in college settings which inspire their academic and creative passions, build confidence and leadership, and expand their sense of possibility.

High school is a vital juncture and GIV has a 30-year track record of helping students engage more critically in their high school academics as well as raising the bar on their future horizons. Students come from all walks of life, from the economically disadvantaged and rurally isolated to those who have many advantages but whose needs are underserved by their schools. Institutes are hosted on Vermont college campuses to give students the opportunity to rehearse their futures, to try sampling college life from delving into intensive study to locating the dining hall and learning to live with a roommate. Each year, a startling number of GIV graduates call their Institute experiences “life-changing.”

Following an Institute experience, GIV encourages students to engage in their communities and become involved citizens.  Faculty and staff are available to alums as they consider future school and career choices.