“Farms, Food and Your Future” on WPTZ, WCAX and in the Randolph newspaper, The Herald.

Read about GIV’s newest Institute, “Farms, Food and Your Future” on WPTZ,  WCAX and in the Randolph newspaperThe Herald.

Peering under a cow, Liz Alexander was wide-eyed, and enthusiastic. The Derby high school student is one of a dozen Vermont teenagers taking part in a week-long program at Vermont Technical College in Randolph.

“It’s a new experience, getting to see a lot more about where food comes from,” she said.

That’s the idea.

The program, sponsored by the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont, includes visits by the state’s top agriculture experts, and practical exposure to both cow barns, gardens, and classrooms.

Owen Manley of Milton is eager to learn. His family used to milk dairy cows.

After a couple of days, he says, he’s learned it’s the small skills it takes to be a farmer and how all those small skills add up to a lot of hard work.”

On Tuesday, students were learning about the life cycle of carbon on the farm — from growing crops and soil management to how cows process feed into milk — and manure.

“We teach kids how farming, if done well, is very high tech,” said instructor Chris Dutton, a VTC veterinarian and professor of agriculture.

And maybe inspire a few of them to make it a career.

“That’s our game,” he adds. “There just aren’t enough.”

Karen Taylor Mitchell on VPR’s Vermont Edition.

Listen to Executive Director Karen Taylor Mitchell talk about the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont on VPR’s Vermont Edition.

A summer of leisure is a dream that many teenagers either can’t or won’t indulge in. Summer jobs, internships and volunteer projects are the stuff that fill the long days of summer for a lot of teens.

And one of those opportunities is called the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont. The Governor’s Institutes are finishing their 30th summer of programs this week. Karen Taylor Mitchell is the program’s executive director. She spoke with Vermont Edition about the experiences that Vermont teens have had this summer.

Alumni Update

Breaking News:  Marlboro College Offers Scholarships to Governor’s Institutes of Vermont Graduates

Marlboro College is pleased to offer scholarships for students who complete a Governor’s Institute of Vermont. Students who apply and are accepted to the undergraduate program are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship in honor of their commitment to engaged learning and their great potential for contributing to the vibrancy of the Marlboro academic community.


For 65 years, Marlboro College has offered students a self-designed undergraduate degree program in the natural sciences, arts, social sciences, humanities and world studies. Currently, 300 students work closely with dedicated faculty and have an active voice in a small self governing academic community. Nestled in the foothills of southern Vermont, the Marlboro campus offers 300 acres of trails, streams, a small organic farm and greenhouse and forest preserves for intellectual exploration and outdoor activities year round.


For more information, go to www.marlboro.edu or contact Nicole Curvin,

Dean of Admissions at ncurvin@marlboro.edu or 802-258-9261.