June 17 – 23, 2018
Bennington College
Bennington, Vermont



Do you revel in the worlds that words on a page bring to life?  Passionate about the magic and mystery held within the written word? Is your mind just full of ideas for stories and poems and you’re ready to put them on paper?



If you are a motivated and promising young writer, come spend a week in late June on the Bennington College campus honing your writing, developing critical and collaborative skills, and being inspired by readings put on by writers teaching in the renowned Bennington Writing Seminars.

In this Institute you will:

  • Discover a passion for expressing yourself through writing
  • Enjoy an intense week of reading, writing, and critiquing each other’s work under the guidance of practicing writers
  • Be inspired with new-found confidence and identity as literary artists
  • Leave with an individualized plan to continue your writing and reading long after the summer.

Three genres will be offered: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry.

The Young Writers Seminars is purposefully small – about 25 students. And each workshop will be small (about 7-8 students apiece per faculty member) in order to give the care, time, and attention to your work. In fiction, the emphasis may be on the short story, but if you are already engaged in other writing projects, those will be welcomed. In nonfiction, the personal essay is the focus and new writing will be encouraged based on your interest. Poetry will emphasize form and structure, introduce you to wonderful new work, and take you on an exploration of new types of poetry. All workshops will be generative and driven by your interest and energy.

The daily schedule will be balanced with four primary components: the classic writing workshop, lectures on the craft of writing, individual meetings with faculty to discuss your work, and attendance at readings by faculty and visitors to the MFA program. Daily schedules will also include periods of relaxation with friends and staff, and include engaging activities designed to introduce you to the wider literary community that thrives off campus.



The motto of the Master’s of Fine Arts in Writing at Bennington College – Read. Write. Be Read. – illuminates the mission: to connect students with much of the best that has been written, while keeping the focus trained on students’ own emerging work. It is in conjunction with this flourishing program – one of the best in the country – where The Governor’s Institute for Young Writers has found its home, and where you can tap into the depths of your artistic talents and passions.