July 6 – July 12, 2018
Vermont Technical College
Randolph Center, Vermont


Businesses can change people’s behavior in order to benefit society and the environment. Such social innovation fosters goodwill among employees, customers, and community members. It can also create new industries and open up new markets.  This is your chance to be a key player in positive social change, by bringing your ideas, your passion and your curiosity about business to this innovative and exciting week-long intensive.  You’ll have the guidance of proven entrepreneurs and experts, plus a network of peers, to propel you forward in owning your own business.

With students from all over Vermont, you’ll:

  • Hone your creativity to spark and develop profitable ideas
  • Learn the ins and outs of how to translate your ideas into a real and sustainable business
  • Learn to analyze and position ideas for success
  • Examine your own strengths and learn to develop a winning team of business partners
  • Acquire financial management, operational and marketing insights to enable you to launch and grow your own business
  • Delve into ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility, and decide what aspects are important to you in running your business
  • Network with successful Vermont business people and learn how they’ve brought their dreams to life
  • Visit local businesses and see behind-the-scenes operations
  • Work with professional mentors and fellow entrepreneurial spirits to bring a conceptual product to fruition

If you are excited about the opportunity to create a job for yourself and others by starting your own business or having a chance to learn some of these entrepreneurial skills which are great for all, then this is the GIV Institute for you!

  “What an awesome program.   I learned a vast amount about Entrepreneurship and starting my own business with so many great examples and questions answered; plus I had loads of fun and met many like-minded students, RA’s and faculty.  I will definitely tell my friends about my time at GIV Entrepreneurship and encourage them to attend next summer.”    a 2016 Entrepreneurship Graduate

* Out-of-state students are invited to apply for this Institute, space pending! Please contact Karen Taylor Mitchell at karen@giv.org or 802-865-4448 for more information or to apply.