Getting Into The Governor’s Institutes


Every student accepted into the Governor’s Institutes has been nominated by his or her school or mentor as one of Vermont’s most promising young minds.

Students fill out applications, including short essays and letters of recommendation which are reviewed by their schools.

Applications are then reviewed a second time by the Governor’s Institutes for selection to a limited number of spaces in each Institute.

Students accepted into the program receive a signed proclamation of congratulations from the Governor of Vermont.





Students stand the best chance of being accepted into the Governor’s Institute of their choice if they:

  • Complete their applications thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  • Show evidence of previous interest in the subject area they are applying for.
  • Have a concrete plan for bringing their Governor’s Institute learning back to their schools or communities.
  • Have the strong support of teachers or school personnel who know them well.


In addition, please check the grade levels accepted by each Institute to make sure that you fit:

  • Most of our Institutes accept students who have just completed their freshmen, sophomore or junior years.
  • Asian Cultures accepts only freshmen and sophomores.
  • Interdisciplinary Special Topics Institutes accept only sophomores, juniors and seniors.

If you have doubts whether you qualify for a Governor’s Institute, we encourage you to apply and let your interest shine through on your application.  The most important qualification is the passion you share with your peers for the Institute topic!