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While GIV subsidizes the cost of its programs for every family, we realize that some families need more help than others.  Our sliding scale tuition model is designed so that all Vermont students can attend regardless of capacity to pay.
The application process is need-blind, meaning that a student’s chances of being accepted are exactly the same whether his or her family can pay full tuition or not.


This chart shows the recommended summer tuition levels based on family incomes.  We request that you select the highest tuition level that your family can comfortably afford.  Any tuition you pay over the amount corresponding to your income is tax-deductible as a charitable donation.



Minimum summer tuition without requesting financial aid is $750 short course/$950 long course. To qualify for a rate in the shaded columns, you must provide a financial aid worksheet and income tax documentation.  If your income does not qualify you for lowered tuition but you have extenuating circumstances, submit the same financial aid worksheet and tax documentation plus a note describing those circumstances. If the necessary income documentation is not available, please contact us at (802) 865-4448.

Helpful hints:

  • For a split household, please combine both family incomes. 
  • Extenuating circumstances can include anything that affects your ability to pay, such as job loss, family size, elder parent care, hurricane damage, siblings in college, illness or injury, etc.  Please send us a note describing the situation so that we are best able to help.   
  • Some schools and foster care agencies pay for tuition.  The school/agency tuition rate is $750 (short course) and $950 (long course).
  • We’ll be happy to send you a donation receipt for any amount you choose to pay over your recommended tuition.  Just give us a heads up that you’re doing so!

GIRLS:  Again in 2014, incentive scholarships provided by EPSCoR will reduce tuition for all Vermont girls who are accepted into the Engineering, Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology Institutes.  See above chart for more information.


OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS:  Residents of states other than Vermont accepted to GIV Institutes are not eligible for subsidized tuition. Students from border schools in NH, NY and MA which serve a significant proportion of Vermonters may submit a 2014 Summer Reduced Tuition Application to GIV to be considered for any scholarship funds that may be available to those specific locations. New Hampshire residents: the Tillotson Fund scholarships were not funded in 2014 and are not available.

Once a student has been accepted, tuition is non-refundable. Scholarships are not redeemable for cash.