June 22-28, 2014

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont


Investigate human impact on Vermont’s environment in this weeklong “environmental CSI.”  You’re the specialist collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental data from local communities using professional-grade laboratory and field instrumentation.  What’s in our air, water, and soil and what are the potential impacts for public health and our environment?

At this Institute, you’ll:

  • Work on real community environmental issues gathering data that can have an impact on Vermont’s environmental policy
  • Combine outdoor field research with computing and laboratory technology to evaluate the distribution of pollutants
  • Learn the scientific method, collect environmental data, and present your work to the community
  • Make friends with other Vermont high school students with similar interests
  • Explore academic and professional career paths for emerging scientists

Your environmental detective work will focus on air, water, and soil pollutants.  You will get hands-on experience with specialized scientific equipment, work alongside environmental professionals, and talk with world-renowned scientists. For a week, you will see Vermont through the eyes of a professional scientist. During eSAT career night, you will talk to a broad range of scientists – allowing you to explore a variety of career options.

Visit us at www.uvm.edu/giv for more information.

For information regarding tuition, please click here.

You can get UVM college credit for this Institute!  If interested, contact Nichole Hathaway to sign up: 802-656-4682 or [email protected]