Mathematics Faculty Bios

Kevin BeardKEVIN BEARD: co-Director of the Governor’s Institute on Mathematics

Kevin Beard, GIV’s new co-Director of the Mathematics Institute, teaches statistics at the University of Vermont, and has 13 years experience teaching high school statistics including AP classes.  That follows 12 years working in the accounting software field for companies as varied as Ford and Westinghouse down to two-person start-ups.  Originally from Connecticut, Beard has a B.A. in Economics and an MBA in international finance from the University of Connecticut.  Because statistics are “useful and practical,” Beard says he never hears students asking why they need to learn the subject. “Everyone should have a basic understanding of stats,” he adds. “I can honestly say that teaching has been my favorite occupation. I can’t see doing anything else.”


SHEILA WEAVER: co-Director of the Governor’s Institute on Mathematics.

Sheila Weaver has taught Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont for 27 years. She is committed to quality undergraduate education, and in 2002, she was honored to receive the Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award. She is especially interested in innovation in statistics and mathematics education, and has taught courses linking mathematics with social justice issues, and with the Arts. She has also incorporated community-based learning in many of her college classes. In recent years, Sheila taught professional development courses to middle and high school math teachers as part of Vermont Mathematics Partnerships and the Vermont Mathematics Institute. Since 2008, she has enjoyed serving as a co-director of the Governor’s Institute in Mathematical Sciences.