June 21-26, 2015

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont


Surround yourself with math-lovers like you at this week-long festival of mathematics! Theoretical and real-world applications of math will have you dazzled as you enjoy advanced lectures by renowned mathematicians and scientists. We’ll use our hands and brains to take on world-class mathematical challenges, and explore careers for people who like math.

In this Institute, you’ll:

  • Take on advanced math challenges, including mind puzzles that keep mathematicians awake at night!
  • Learn about real-world applications of math
  • Interact with professional mathematicians from the academic and business worlds
  • Meet other teenagers from Vermont who share your interests
  • Learn about the academic and career pathways open to people who enjoy mathematics

In addition to math, we do field trips, play games, and hold a cookout at North Beach. If you’re a Vermont 9th-11th grader who’s completed Algebra II or beyond, received good grades in math or science, and think math is cool, we hope you’ll join us this summer!

Through GIV’s partnership with EPSCoR, Vermont girls receive an incentive scholarship to the Math Institute for reduced tuition.   

For information regarding tuition, please click here.