July 11-18, 2015

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

The technologies of tomorrow start at this Institute, offered in partnership with the University of Vermont, where approximately 100 high school students from Vermont, the US, and around the world explore engineering solutions to societal problems. At UVM/GIV’s Engineering Institute, you’ll get up close and personal with cutting-edge sustainable engineering challenges, working with peers and professional experts to design and build solutions that work.

We’ll explore basic and advanced engineering concepts, delve deep into sustainable engineering applications and techniques, and work hands-on on projects spanning energy, structural, electrical, mechanical, design and manufacturing engineering. Choosing from a guided focus area you’ll design a working prototype to address a real-world engineering challenge. explore how engineering and society interact.

Focus area choices include:

  • Renewable/Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Robotics Systems
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

In addition, we’ll tour some of the area’s most advanced manufacturing facilities to see engineering in action, and map career pathways in aerospace, biomedical, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering plus statistics, mathematics, and computer applications.

For more information, go to the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute page.

*Please Note: The Engineering Institute is open to non-Vermonters. Out-of-state students should apply directly to UVM here. Please see the UVM/GIV Engineering page for information regarding out-of-state tuition. GIV’s sliding scale tuition applies to Vermont students only.*

Watch 2013 Engineering students show off their innovations on WCAX.

* Through GIV’s partnership with EPSCoR, Vermont girls receive an incentive scholarship to the Engineering Institute for reduced tuition.   

For information regarding tuition for Vermont students, please click here.