June 28th – July 7th, 2015

School for International Training

Brattleboro, Vermont


“It made me feel like I could do something, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to be me, and to believe and work towards my goals, and change the things I want changed.”
                            -A 2014 CIYA graduate


Want to change the world?  This Institute is for you! You’ll be empowered and inspired in this ten-day program focused on the big issues affecting people in Vermont and around the world in 2015. From critical issues impacting Vermont towns, to pressing U.S. national political and social issues, to exciting and complex global issues, we’ll cover it all.

We’ll also give you the leadership, activism, communication and organizing skills to get involved and create real change on any issue! You’ll join young people from other countries to explore the problems and daily challenges impacting young people everywhere, and learn how to turn your ideas in action.

At this exciting institute you will:

  • Learn about current events, global issues, leadership, activism, politics & social change
  • Meet with Vermont’s political leaders, activists, issue experts and a dynamic staff team
  • Dialogue, debate and examine all sides of the issues and the political perspectives
  • Make great friends and build community with young leaders from around Vermont & other countries
  • Develop your leadership and activism skills, and learn how to make a difference in your community
  • Have the time of your life, and an incredible amount of fun in just 10 days

A typical day includes:

  • Intensive Issue Groups on Politics, Social Justice, Global Issues, Leadership & Climate Change
  • Honest, Direct Discussions with Politicians, Activists, Issue Experts & Today’s Change-Makers
  • Mock Congress, United Nations and Local Democracy Simulations and Role Plays
  • Teambuilding Challenges, Leadership & Activism Skills Workshops, and Arts Activities
  • Fun Evening Activities: Drumming, a Barn Dance, Campfires, Sports, Open Mic Night & Banquet

Topics we discuss may include: Poverty, Child Labor, Terrorism, Youth Movements, HIV/AIDS, Iraq & Afghanistan, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Climate Change, Food Security, School Quality, Landmines, Religion, Democracy, Bullying, Energy, Refugees, & the Environment.

LOCATION: On the scenic campus of the School for International Training in Brattleboro. Participants will also swim in the nearby rivers and lake, build & paddle rafts, march in the July 4th town parade, attend a celebration BBQ, hike, visit local community organizations & have a Farmer’s Market lunch!

For more information, go to Current Issues & Youth Activism Institute.

For information regarding tuition, please click here.

This Institute accepts out-of-state and international students. Contact John Ungerleider at [email protected] to find out how to apply if you don’t live in Vermont.