July 15 – July 21, 2018

Norwich University

Northfield, Vermont


Get your hands dirty! Join us for this exhilarating Institute that explores design and construction.

Poised at the intersection between art and engineering, learn how to use concrete, masonry, and wood to turn your design ideas into useable objects and occupiable space. Think you can create a beautiful, inhabitable structure from start to finish? Give it a try!

You will join a team of other students, experts and professionals in the field to make full-scale projects like concrete stools and benches, a dry-stacked masonry barbeque, and wood framed decks and roofs.

At this Institute you will:

  • Explore different types of materials and ways of making: Concrete (pouring, forming, and curing); Masonry (stacking, screening, and enclosing); and Wood (cutting, joining, and fastening)
  • Learn about the design and construction of different building types, with an emphasis on local materials
  • Study best practices of sustainable design and craft
  • Explore the wide and exciting world of design and its applications around the globe
  • Work inside professional-level shop facilities that contain top-of-the-line tools such as 3D scanners, 3D printers, mills, and more
  • Have access to design/build areas that house full-scale projects, anything from tables and benches to 1,000 sq foot tiny houses
  • Get a first-hand understanding of future careers in architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, industrial design, and construction management

Get in at the ground floor at this incredible new Institute! More information coming in early 2018.

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