GIV at 30




GIV, the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont, provides young people with intensive, hands-on learning experiences in college settings, igniting academic and creative passions, building confidence and leadership, and expanding students’ sense of possibility.

Committed to making world-class, accelerated enrichment programs financially and geographically accessible to every teenager throughout Vermont, GIV encourages participation without regard to economic status, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

In 2013, the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont completed an alumni evaluation study to quantify what lasting impacts participants would report 6-29 years after their graduations. The results were striking: 98% of respondents reported positive long-term outcomes in at least one outcome area. We also asked participants to identify specific pedagogical factors they felt created those results, and are proud to share this data with others interested in transformational education.

GIV influenced 93% of respondents as they made decisions about their future.

For 88%, GIV was one of their most important experiences.

After the program, 79% were more aware of exciting career or educational opportunities.

From heightened self-confidence and self-esteem, to greater focus and motivation, increased preparedness for college, and help choosing a major and a career, GIV provided real, lasting benefits for a majority of respondents.

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