Thank you for joining us for a fantastic summer of learning and fun!

Please call us at (802) 865-4448 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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What you can expect to receive from us between now and the Institute:

- Communication from your Program Director, either through mail or email. Make sure you check your email regularly!

- A certificate for you signed by Governor Shumlin congratulating you on your acceptance to GIV. (Your school will give this to you).

- Phone calls and emails from our office if we are missing materials from you. Please return those health forms and enrollment forms by the deadline to make sure that you can attend!

- Need a ride? Want to carpool? Let us know as soon as possible!


What to expect at your Institute:


LEARNING: One thing that alumni always tell us is that they were surprised by how much they were able to learn in just one or two weeks. Expect your time at the Institute to be jam-packed with learning. You’ll be working with the best instructors, professors and professionals who are leaders in their field and who love to work with people your age. Your GIV experience can help you prepare for college, the working world…and beyond!


FRIENDS: We bet you’ll make lifelong friends at the Institutes. If you are the only person in your school or community who likes a particular subject, GIV is going to be an entirely new social experience for you! At GIV, expect to be around people 24/7 who share your passion and motivation. It’s inspiring and allows you to be yourself.


FUN: Part of the GIV experience is the time you have outside of classes. From trips to the beach, field trips, games of frisbee or soccer, and just spending time goofing around, GIV has tons of opportunities to bond with other students and enjoy your summer.


Again, congrats on getting into GIV, and we can’t wait to meet you this summer!